Electrical Installations

Electrical Contractors Yorkshire

Industrial Electrical Installations are our speciality.

TSS (GB) Ltd combine knowledge, expertise, experience and dedication to ensure that every project is designed, installed, tested and maintained to the highest standards.

We can provide top quality industrial and commercial electrical installations.

We are happy to provide multi service containment systems.

We will dedicate ourselves to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

We supply dedicated cable pulling teams.

We will install and connect machine supplies.

We can provide Electrical Installation Condition Reports.

We can provide an Electrical Installation Maintenance package, designed specifically for your installation.  This reduces expensive bills and allows you to pay for your maintenance with smaller, pre-arranged fees.

We have an AutoCAD design facility.

We can offer a Portable appliance inspection report, designed and budgeted to suit your needs.

You can view some of our recently completed projects by clicking here.