Injection Moulding, Magna Decoma, Liverpool

TSS (GB) Ltd are capable of carrying out more than just electrical installations.  We were asked to help provide a solution for an injection moulding line.



A 6 axis robotic cell was stationed at the exit point of an injection moulding machine.  The machine created front and rear bumpers for several popular vehicle manufacturers.

The robot was designed to remove the newly moulded part and hand it off to a cradle cell and then onwards to an exit conveyor.



The robot handling the moulded parts had a longer cycle time than the injection moulding machine that made the parts.  This caused the moulding machine to pause after each cycle, whilst waiting for the robotic cell.



TSS (GB) Ltd refitted the robot onto a 7th axis conveyor that allowed the robot to enter the moulding machine, pick the part and exit much faster.  It was also able to place the part with less individual axis movements, thus saving more time.



The overall cycle time of the moulding line was ultimately reduced by 9 seconds.  This resulted in a saving of over £100k per year!

Injection Moulding. Robot on pedestal before modificationInjection Moulding. Robot Lifted out of placeInjection Moulding. 7th Axis going into placeInjection Moulding. Robot in place on 7th axis